Anniversaries are Important — How to Honor Them in Your Life

Anniversaries are important. It’s true, but what does that statement bring to mind for you? Birthdays? Weddings? Deaths or other losses? Well, making time to acknowledge anniversaries, be they happy ones or ones that mark difficult experiences or times of loss, always deepens your relationship with yourself and your time. If you think about it,…

Who’s Stealing Your Time? The Answer May Surprise You.

Do you ever feel like someone or something is stealing your time? Well, you’re right. Time thievery is real, and it’s usually got a lot to do with your unrecognized time issues. Those issues are the ones that tie your plans in knots and sabotage your priorities. They’re generally invisible because they work best that way. They run riot…

Transitions are Jarring and Your Feelings Count

Transitions create upheavals in your life. No matter what, they turn things topsy-turvy for awhile. And living in the midst of that can be tough. So the first key skill, when it comes to navigating transitions, is recognizing when you’re going through one. Then, at the very least, you know why things feel a little…

Transition Tips for Navigating in Uncertain Times

Transition times are nothing if not unsettling. In my last post, I explored the nature of transitions and how they impact you. I included a 10-minute exercise to help you explore how you frame transitions. Today, I’d like to look at 5 specific tips that will help you navigate through transition times and the uncertainty that they present. So let’s get…

Aging: Owning Your Journey with Some Timely Tips

Aging is an incremental and profound process that we all experience. And yet, it’s also a process that we tend to be in denial about.  In denial, that is, until some change makes our aging undeniable! But being proactive about accepting and adapting to our aging makes each day easier and more 

Aging, You, and Your Time

Aging is a fact of life. It is continually happening for all of us, so long as we are lucky enough to be alive. With aging come many changes.  That they come is predictable.  How they manifest for each of us – and how we deal with them – is as unique as we are.

Aging, Gratitude and Humor: Just Ask Paula

Aging is a process that we all experience … if we are lucky. It’s vital to keep that grateful perspective in mind as we each go through our own, unique developmental evolution. Gratitude is a powerful antidote to the losses that come with this territory.  Another helpful