Transitions: Open to Them and Find Time!

Transitions begin by ending the old. Losses and gains are intertwined, as you navigate transitions. One season reluctantly lets go, while the next takes hold. Transitions require that you move forward in the face of uncertainty. 

Time Holds Everything

Time holds everything.  Like air, it is a fundamental medium in which we live our lives.  Everything that we experience exists in time. That includes the joyous wonder of births and beginnings, and the horror and loss of tragedies like 

Aging: Find Time to Appreciate the Process with 5 Timely Tips

Aging.  What images come to mind when you hear that word?  Do you embrace it?  Try to deny it? How does the idea of aging fit into your world? Having just celebrated a birthday a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been reflecting on aging:  my own, and the aging process in general.

Finding Time to Stay Connected Through Your Transitions

Finding time to nourish yourself through your transitions is a time management skill that will stand you in good stead, no matter what changes and challenges life presents.  And it’s helpful to remember that your transitions also are affected by and have an impact on the lives of those around you. It can be difficult…

Find Time to Travel Back to Your "Time Roots" for Clarity and Freedom!

Finding time to explore your “time roots” is a surefire way to get yourself untangled from old messages about time that may be holding you back. Ready to step toward greater time success?  Then try this brief Time Travel Exercise.  It will help you uncover what I like to think of as your Family Legacy…

Find Time to Appreciate the Experience of Aging

Finding time to appreciate the experience of aging can be a challenge, but it’s certainly one well worth taking on.  As the month of August is my birth-month, and I contemplate turning another year older, I find my thoughts turning to the experience of aging and how it has required letting go, as well as…

Transition Management — Finding Time When You’re Betwixt and Between

Transition management is a time skill worth mastering. Why? Well, finding time and maintaining your energy and focus during times of change can be a challenge. Here at Finding Time we had a major change over the last two weeks – a process you may have read about in some of our recent posts.  While…