Retrieve Lost Time with Time Boundaries that Stick

Snippets of lost time are yours to weave together, creating something new from what you find. But very often, our lost time remains … well … lost. The good news is that there are lots of opportunities for retrieving lost time. And taking a look at the state of your time boundaries is a very…

Focus with Fokus or Evernote Clearly and Find Time!

Focus is a key element in your productivity, and it can be a challenge when working on-line. How many times have you been working on a task on your computer, only to have your focus waver as your eye catches an interesting headline? Your curiosity piqued, you click the link, opening a new tab,

Find Time to Check for Leaks in Your Digital Time Plan

Having a digital time plan is about being proactive re. your on-line time.  If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who needs to spend time on-line, it’s vital that you know where your time is going – because time is money (a fact that we