Focus with Fokus or Evernote Clearly and Find Time!

Focus is a key element in your productivity, and it can be a challenge when working on-line. How many times have you been working on a task on your computer, only to have your focus waver as your eye catches an interesting headline? Your curiosity piqued, you click the link, opening a new tab,

On Track and On Time-Maintain Focus with Strong Boundaries

Staying on track and on time, whether you are working alone on a project or managing other people is a key skill for productivity and success. Digging down a bit, we see that staying on track is about maintaining focus.  And digging down a little further, I’d add that it’s about knowing

De-Cluttering, Time Tracking and Other Top Time Tips!

De-cluttering was tops on the list of Time Finder favorites for January 2013.  I envision lots of closets and to-do lists getting cleared, as readers visited a long-time favorite post titled “Find Time to Reclaim Your Energy by De-Cluttering!”

Finding Time When You’re the One in Charge of Your Time!

Finding time to check keywords in Twitter is often a very interesting and rewarding thing to do.  Yesterday, a quick check of the words “time management” by my VA yielded a very frequently retweeted blog post on Fuel Your Creativity – a site for freelancers.  The post is titled Time Management Tips for the Busy…

Finding Time When Crises Arise!

Finding time and maintaining focus and discipline when world or life events are pressing (like the current crisis on Wall Street) can be very challenging.How successful do you feel at keeping your core values in mind and managing your priorities when you are confronted with sudden change? Crises and sudden change can shake up everything.…