Find Stuff Fast with AstroGrep and Find Time!

AstroGrep is a lightweight and fast-working utility that helps you find things on your computer. Remember that sales copy you wrote awhile ago that was really catchy?  You can’t find it anywhere, and you want to use it in a product launch. Well, this is a situation 

Browser and Web Safety-A Timely Tool

Browser and web safety are important considerations if you are an internet-based business – or really if you are any user of the internet. You can lose untold amounts of time when malware, spyware, adware, or other malicious agents like viruses and trojans, invade your computer –

Find Time to Check Before You Click with LongURL

Finding time to avoid viruses, malware, phishing sites and other nasty places while exploring the internet is a lot easier if you use LongURL.  The popularity of social networking, with its premium on brevity, has led to a proliferation of URL shorteners like tiny.url,, and lots of others.  The problem with these otherwise useful…