7 Time Myths That Keep You Stuck, Self-Critical and Stressed!

Time myths … we all harbor them, and they eat away at our helpful time habits, leaving us frustrated and behind-the-eight-ball. Often, time myths are instilled by our culture, our early messages, and behaviors we have observed in others.  They are deeply embedded … 

Time Tips That Were Tops in February for Finding Time

Time tips help you manage your time and find time for what matters most.  And one of the things I love to do is look back and reflect, as one month ends and another begins. So, this morning, join me as I harvest the top time tips on The Time Finder, based on 

Time Management: How to Effectively Make Use of Your Time to Minimize Work Stress

Time management skills have a profound affect, not simply on your productivity, but on the quality of your life. Today on The Time Finder we feature a guest post by Ryan Rivera, Publisher and Founder of CalmClinic.com.  So, I invite you to read on, and let us know what you 

De-Cluttering, Time Tracking and Other Top Time Tips!

De-cluttering was tops on the list of Time Finder favorites for January 2013.  I envision lots of closets and to-do lists getting cleared, as readers visited a long-time favorite post titled “Find Time to Reclaim Your Energy by De-Cluttering!”

Savor Your Time and Save Your Sanity, Too: 10 Holiday Tips from Lifehacker

Savor your time and it stretches.  That’s because while time itself is concrete and unchanging, our experience of it is highly subjective. So, when you savor a moment, really let yourself relax and be in it, it feels longer.  And conversely, when you are stressed and rushed, 

Time Tracking Tools: Back to the Basics

Time tracking is a key component in any time management system; and it’s something that we’ve been writing a lot about lately in our Cyber Monday posts.  There are so many options; where do you start? Remember that iconic scene in “The Graduate” when a family friend comes up to 

Find Time to Deal With the Difficult Personalities Who Slow You Down

Finding time to manage your time and get the most out of each moment is a task that can sometimes run into unexpected roadblocks in the form of the people around you! To make the very best use of your time, you need to figure out how to handle those “difficult personalities” who slow you…