Ultimate Blog Challenge Starts Today – Are You In?

The Ultimate Blog Challenge starts today, and here at The Time Finder we are excited and, honestly, a little nervous to be stepping up to the plate. The Blog Challenge involves sharing a blog post for each day in the month of 

Time On and Time Off-How Are Your Time Boundaries?

Time boundaries are a key time management tool, and one that we often think of when focus and concentration are necessary for completing a task. But time boundaries are vital, not just for your efficiency and effectiveness, they are fundamentally important for your well-being, too.

Find Time to Go Green With Your Info Products, Too

Finding time is a challenge for everyone. And perhaps this is especially so for solopreneurs.  You’re managing a business, producing products, and interacting with customers. And at the same time you’re striving to live your moments fully and find time for what matters most. So, time management tips can be real life-savers. Go Green… That’s…