Gmail and You: Tips to Deal with Your E-mail and Save Time!

Gmail, as you are probably aware, has made some big changes in how your inbox functions.  If you haven’t received numerous e-mails about this over the past several weeks, I’d be very surprised. So, what is everyone upset about?  Well, I think what’s most disturbing to people about

Facebook News Feed Changes: Timely Tips

Facebook is implementing changes to its News Feed, and finding time to be up to speed on what’s coming is a good idea if Facebook is part of any on-line marketing that you do.  (And if Facebook isn’t part of your marketing strategy, now is

Find Time to Monitor Your Social Media Marketing Efforts-Start Here!

Finding time to make the most of social media marketing, if you are a solopreneur or small business owner, can be very challenging.  You may be so busy with the daily tasks involved in developing and running your business, that social media marketing becomes the task that always gets put off ’til another time. That’s…

Find Time to Connect with Questions and Answers on Quora

Finding Time to connect via the various social-networking venues is time well spent.  So, is Quora a social-networking venue that you’ll want to be investing your time in? Well, for starters, let’s answer one, very basic question:  What is Quora? It’s a place where questions are asked, and answered, by users in an ever-evolving cache…