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HubSpot was founded by friends who met at MIT in 2004. The marketing field was going through something of a sea change back then. Social media and on-line entrepreneurs were flexing their muscles and starting to transform the ways people connected. So, long story short, HubSpot was launched. They entered the marketing world with a philosophy…

Mastering Google Plus (Or Any New Skill or Subject)? Have a Time Plan!

Mastering Google Plus – or anything new – requires two things:  knowledge and practice. And those two things require your time.  Not just time, either, although it is absolutely necessary.  The more that the time you spend is focused time the more productive that investment of time 

Google Plus or Facebook – Ready to Give G+ More of Your Time?

Google Plus or Facebook?  This used to be a question that had a pretty clear answer:  Google was for searching and Facebook was for social networking. But that has been evolving over time, and with the growing interconnections between Google Apps and Google Plus, it seems increasingly clear 

Instagram and Your Desktop-Some Time-Saving Tips

Instagram is, as I am sure you know, very popular these days.  In fact, for on-line marketing purposes, Instagram is outperforming Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, according to some pundits, as the best platform for brands. Built to be used on mobile devices, 

Facebook Marketing: Powerful Resources and Timely Tips

Facebook marketing is an important ingredient in the business plans for many coaches, solopreneurs and small business owners these days.  But Facebook marketing can feel like a moving target 

Facebook News Feed Changes: Timely Tips

Facebook is implementing changes to its News Feed, and finding time to be up to speed on what’s coming is a good idea if Facebook is part of any on-line marketing that you do.  (And if Facebook isn’t part of your marketing strategy, now is

Find Time for Some Digital Media Resources from Mashable on Cyber Monday

Finding time to keep up with all the developments in the world of digital media is next to impossible.  There are so many different platforms, and so many thousands of applications and tools being developed and marketed for each that sorting out what’s what could be a full-time job. That’s why I like to check…