De-Cluttering Tech Tool to Help You Find Time!

De-cluttering is always a great time-saver and stress reducer. And de-cluttering gives you a boost whether your clutter is in your physical space, your mental space, or the nooks and crannies of your virtual world.  No matter where it resides, clutter drains 

Scarcity to Abundance: Replace Killer Time Lies with Powerful Affirmations

Scarcity is so constricting, isn’t it? The good news is that scarcity (and especially time scarcity) is, in very large part, a mindset.  Yet finding time to tap into abundance and expand your horizons requires some focused effort. To make a strong start, one surefire step is to actively

Find Time by Clearing Clutter

Finding time can sometimes feel like clearing brush (to borrow a metaphor from our outgoing President).  Managing our time and our space (both mental and physical) so that we can get to the things that are priorities in our lives can sometimes feels like it requires a bush hog or maybe in this season, a…