OneNote and Evernote – Is It Time to Make a Switch?

OneNote, a Microsoft product, is a free on-line tool that offers many of the capabilities that Evernote does. Indeed, while OneNote and Evernote are similar in many ways, Evernote’s price increase has prompted many to take a second look. And some feel that OneNote has more to offer now. For example, it includes a free-form canvas where…

Windows Shortcuts to Power Your On-Line Time

Shortcuts are powerful efficiency-boosters. But they aren’t usually going to help you streamline your time immediately. The trick is to incorporate new shortcuts into your routine so that whatever ones you use become second nature. Keep your expectations realistic and don’t be 

How to Use the Dropbox Badge to Find Time

Dropbox is a powerful venue for storing and sharing files easily on the web. The Dropbox Badge is a nifty new tool – one that we hadn’t really explored here at The Time Finder … yet. But once we learned 

Find Time for AutoHotKey and … Find More Time!

Finding time to make the most of your writing time is a perennial challenge. If you’re a blogger, or if you have an online business that involves lots of communication, you’re probably at the keyboard quite a bit!  And if your business depends on connecting with your customers, you will want to be able to…