Mind Maps for Plotting Your Direction and Planning Your Future

What are mind maps and why would you be interested in them? Well, when you explore what you think and feel you simply know yourself better. It helps you form a solid base for anything you want to do.  Mind maps offer powerful help with this task. Mind maps have a long history and Tony…

Whiteboards: Productivity, Creativity and Communication with Conojo

Whiteboards offer a powerful venue for brainstorming and planning – especially when you are working in teams. But for whiteboards to be useful – at least up ’til now – you need to have your team all in the same place.  And then whatever you’ve created on 

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming-Powerful Time Tools

Mind Mapping and Brainstorming are powerful time management skills.  “What do mind mapping and brainstorming have to do with time management?” you ask. Well, I’d say that they both help with time management because they are such 

Find Time to Play Your Way Out of Paralyzing Procrastination

Do you find looming deadlines stressful to the point of stopping you in your tracks? It can be a nightmarish feeling when the clock is ticking, your panic is mounting, and you feel like you’re losing ground with each passing moment. Sound familiar? The harder you try, the more your mind goes blank. Ideas and…