Start Your Day in a Nurturing Way with This Timely Tip!

How do you usually start your day? For many, many people, a computer, tablet or phone is the first thing their waking eyes see. What this does is plunge you right into the world of social networking, tasks, and news — all before you’ve even brushed your teeth. So, when it comes to giving yourself…

Unpacking Your Travel Lessons to Find Time

You probably have a list to help you pack for your trips, but what about when you’re unpacking? How do you organize that part of your trip?  Or do you even think about being organized at that point? My VA traveled to Ireland recently, and when we talked about it, I encouraged her to do her 

Open Your Heart and Find More Time

When you open to what is you let yourself see, hear and feel without impediment. This may be challenging, because we naturally recoil from things that are painful. But avoidance and defenses, while they may seem like they help, actually encumber us. Like the turtle’s shell, you carry your protection everywhere you go. 

Moments – Live Each One Fully for More Energy and Time!

Moments – they are the building blocks of your minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years. It’s easy to get caught up in planning your future or thinking about your past. But both of these activities take your attention away from your here and now.

Multitasking and Mindfulness – Use Them Well and Find More Time!

Multitasking can be an excellent time-saving tool … when it isn’t diluting needed focus, taking you out of the moment, and slowing you down. You see, the fundamental truth about multitasking is that it works well with simple tasks, but leads to buckets of lost time if you’re working 

Finding Time to Ring in the New

Finding time to welcome the New Year offers an opportunity to reflect, let go, and joyfully step toward the promises rising on the horizon.  The key, however, is finding time! New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are, for many of us, times for celebrating with friends and family.  These can be wonderful occasions for…

Find Time to Retain Routines While in Transition

Finding time to traverse transitions is a constant in our lives.  Whether you are in the northern hemisphere where autumn is arriving, or in the southern half of the globe and moving from winter to spring, you are in a time of transition as you read this post. Transition times present both challenges and opportunities. …