Resolutions 101: When You Slip, Release Failure and Focus on the Fix!

Resolutions are in the air, as 2014 begins its unfolding and we all anticipate making some desired changes in our lives. It’s an exciting time, filled with hopeful energy and new promise.  And for many of us, it’s a time when we re-introduce resolutions that we’ve made 

Mistakes: Accepting and Learning from Them Deepens Your Time

Mistakes:  We try not to make them, but we do. And it’s not the fact of making mistakes that’s the problem – it’s trying to deny and turn away from them that really gets us into trouble. That’s the thesis of the fascinating article 

Find Time to Weed Out Self-Defeating Patterns and Banish Guilt Today!

Finding time is especially exhilarating when you change old self-defeating patterns at the same time!  That way, not only do you find time today, but you ensure that you’ll continue to, as you replace those old habits with new ones that serve you better. This-week-into-next we are exploring some of the paralyzing patterns that are…