Let Your Compassion Release and Refresh Your Energy

How does your compassion help you tap into your energy and free it up? Well, time management is about more than making and completing to-do lists, as you well know. For one thing, you need resourcefulness and resilience when setbacks arise and throw wrenches into your plans. Your instinctive response when plans are threatened may…

Mistakes as Teachers — Find the Lessons and Find Time

The idea of mistakes as teachers is rarely discussed in time management circles.  But wouldn’t it be great to be able to put your mistakes to work for you?  Ultimately, if you view your mistakes as teachers, that would mean that none of your time was ever ‘wasted.’ It’s a little like thinking of your…

Mistakes – The Stuff that Dreams are Made Of

Mistakes and how you manage them will, to quite a large extent, determine your path and the degree of success that you experience in this world. Too often, mistakes are viewed as roadblocks or detours on your journey toward accomplishing your goals. But think about the impact of this reaction … Can you see how…

Truth Serum for Perfectionistic Poison

Truth serum is what you need if your life is infected with perfectionistic poison. And truth serum is what we shared recently in our post titled “Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips.” You see, many of us (myself included) carry inside what I call a perfectionist sub-self. This sub-self gives us messages and supports time…

Perfection Paralysis – Overcome It with 3 Tips

Perfection isn’t something you can attain. It is a goal that is unreachable and that freezes you in your tracks. I call it perfection paralysis, and today I want to share with you 3 tips for overcoming this discouraging and insidious time thief. These are action-oriented suggestions 

Time and Talk – What You Say to Yourself Really Matters!

Time is precious and limited. The energy that you bring to your time affects how you experience it and how you use it. And going one step deeper — how you talk to yourself has a profound effect on your energy — and by 

Perfectionism: Wise Voices Weigh In!

Perfectionism doesn’t have to undermine your confidence, sap your energy, and bring your productivity to a frustrating halt. We’ve been looking at ways that you can counter the perfectionistic messages that you carry with you. And the good news is that, with practice and steadiness, your Wise Voice really can overcome