Do You Multitask? Here Are Some Pros and Cons to Consider

When you multitask, it seems like a good idea, doesn’t it? I mean, finding time and being more productive is so important, why not multitask? Your focus when you multitask When you multitask it works against you if you’re engaged in activities requiring focus.  Tests performed by the American Psychological Association in Washington D.C. conclusively…

Multitasking, Focus, and Making the Most of Your On-Line Time

Multitasking and working on-line are not a helpful combination, and yet it’s something that many of us are tempted to do. In fact, finding focus and maintaining it when you’re working on the web is a major challenge. Couple that with the myth that multitasking is helpful, and you have a recipe for disaster. I recently…

Focus vs. Distractions – The Battle of Our Digital Age

Distractions are everywhere and focus can certainly be a challenge to maintain. We are bombarded with information constantly, and its instant accessibility means that distraction is our baseline mode and focus becomes increasingly difficult to sustain. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Distraction 2014: Is There Any Bigger Thief of Today’s Time?

Distraction is, if not the biggest time challenge for most of us in 2014, certainly one of the top 5 or 10. Between the information streaming at us via the internet (and the multiple devices we possess for delivering it) and the expectations of quick responses and almost 24-7 productivity, it’s no wonder that we…

Multitasking and Mindfulness – Use Them Well and Find More Time!

Multitasking can be an excellent time-saving tool … when it isn’t diluting needed focus, taking you out of the moment, and slowing you down. You see, the fundamental truth about multitasking is that it works well with simple tasks, but leads to buckets of lost time if you’re working 

Meditation Helps You Sleep and Energize Your Holiday Time

Meditation is a practice that is portable, profound, and powerful.  It improves and deepens your life in all sorts of ways, ranging from the spiritual to the physical. Today I want to share about how you can improve your sleep – and therefore boost your 

Multitasking and Distractions: The Web's Effect on Our Brains, Our Memories, and Our Time

Multitasking is a very common practice, and one that many people erroneously think increases their productivity.  In reality, multitasking means that you create a situation in which you need to deal with constant interruption … from yourself. Not only that, but multitasking