Lists, Lists, and More Lists: October Favorites for Finding Time

Lists can be very helpful tools, and they become even more important as the holidays approach and life gets busier and busier.  Even Santa is known to make a list from time to time … and check it twice. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. The thing is that lists are 

To-Do List Myths and Realities: 2 More Timely Tips

Your to-do list is your path to time management success.  It gives you a path to both your long and your short-term goals.  But all-too-often, the way we approach this powerful time tool presents us with hurdles rather than stepping stones. Yesterday we looked at one destructive and discouraging myth – the one that tells…

To-Do Lists Part 1: Debunk the Myths to Find Time

To-do lists can be a powerful time management tool when used well.  And when used not-so-well, they can be a source of confusion, overwhelm, discouragement and frustration. In today’s and tomorrow’s posts, I want to share 3 Myths about To-do lists – along with 3 Realities that