Google Plus or Facebook – Ready to Give G+ More of Your Time?

Google Plus or Facebook?  This used to be a question that had a pretty clear answer:  Google was for searching and Facebook was for social networking. But that has been evolving over time, and with the growing interconnections between Google Apps and Google Plus, it seems increasingly clear 

Social Networking Time: You Can Like How You Spend It!

Social networking can be a fun and worthwhile activity OR it can be a major time and energy drain.  Which is it for you? On Monday we posted a survey, looking to learn more about how Time Finder readers feel about their social networking activity.  If you’re interested, you can still take the survey right…

Finding Time to Get to Know You This Cyber Monday!

Finding time is a perennial challenge – and finding time to connect, while getting everything else done, can really feel impossible sometimes.  Know what I mean? We’ve been wrestling with these questions here at The Time Finder, looking at time tracking tools and new social networking sites, along with 

Find Time to Keep Up With Twitter as It Evolves

Finding time to connect on the social networks is a daily activity for many of us.  Keeping up to date on changes and enhancements to the social-networking world is an important aspect of optimizing your on-line networking time. If Twitter is one of your networking venues, then you’ll probably be pleased about the changes that…

Find Time with the Right Twitter Tools

Finding time by connecting with friends, family, and colleagues on Twitter is a great way to optimize your online social networking time.  Another way to optimize your time is by having the right tools! Twitter, as many of you know, is a very user-friendly platform for keeping in touch. Its popularity has mushroomed over the…