Evernote for Windows Just Got Better

Evernote is a widely-used productivity tool. We use it quite a lot here at The Time Finder, as it offers the kind of flexibility and organizing heft that we love for finding time. So I was very interested to read on the Evernote Blog that they’re unveiling a new and improved version for Windows. How…

Kanbanote Plus Evernote for Finding Time!

Kanbanote looks to be an interesting web-based app that lets you arrange notes in Evernote into clear, actionable lists. The advantage with Kanbanote is that it enables you to rearrange items you’ve added to Evernote in new 

Mohiomap-Evernote Mindmapping Tool to Find Time

Mohiomap is a tool that provides you with a mind map based on your Evernote notebooks. If you are an Evernote user, and appreciate mindmapping as a tool for visualizing ideas, then Mohiomap may be a very useful tool for you to explore. 

Find Time for Cyber Monday in 2009!

It’s the first Cyber Monday of 2009, and I’m glad you are finding time to join us here at The Time Finder! Today I want to share and comment on an article from PC World titled “Organize Your Life With Free Online Tools.”  The article, by Lifehacker founder Gina Trapani offers some of her favorite…