5 Free Tools to Increase Productivity and Find Time

Free tools are always welcome, especially when you’re on-line and on a budget. So I’m pleased to share 5 free tools that we like and use a lot, here at The Time Finder. We’ve found them to be very helpful for generating ideas, connecting on social media, and keeping track of how we’re doing. Let’s…

Subscribers – How to Add Lots of Them in No Time!

Subscribers are the life blood of any on-line business – or maybe any business in our increasingly plugged in and linked in world! So, if you’re a small business owner, coach or entrepreneur you and/or your team are probably engaged in list-building activities for some portion of your day on most days. It’s simply the…

Google+ and You: Learn the Basics-It’s Well Worth Your Time!

Google+ is taking over the on-line world. At least that’s what many people think.  And whatever you think about it, one thing is for sure: Google+ is certainly a venue that’s difficult to avoid. So, how do you feel about Google+?  Are you puzzled by it?  An enthusiastic user?  If you haven’t 

Gmail and You: Tips to Deal with Your E-mail and Save Time!

Gmail, as you are probably aware, has made some big changes in how your inbox functions.  If you haven’t received numerous e-mails about this over the past several weeks, I’d be very surprised. So, what is everyone upset about?  Well, I think what’s most disturbing to people about