Flexible Focus from the Finding Time E-zine

Flexible focus is a very helpful concept, and one that builds on yesterday’s article about finding the balance between creativity and discipline, and moving efficiently from one project to another. So, to continue and take a look at flexible focus, I thought I’d share an article from the 

Streamlining Your Workflow to Move from Do to Done Today!

Streamlining any process, task, or series of tasks is generally a great way to find time. And if you’re a busy blogger, entrepreneur or small business owner, you probably have a to-do list that far outstrips your available time – so 

On Track and On Time-Maintain Focus with Strong Boundaries

Staying on track and on time, whether you are working alone on a project or managing other people is a key skill for productivity and success. Digging down a bit, we see that staying on track is about maintaining focus.  And digging down a little further, I’d add that it’s about knowing

Is Your Time Stolen by Online Activities? Try These 5 Timely Tips!

Online time management is a challenge, isn’t it?  How many times have you been focused on a project, only to have temptations like e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Amazon tug at you. Maintaining focus and staying in charge of your time is a top priority for most folks – and especially so for entrepreneurs and

Find Time This Cyber Monday with Pocket: Save it for Later and Stay on Track Now!

Finding time and staying focused is a perennial challenge, especially for people who spend a lot of time on their computers and on-line.  The problem is that when you see that article or video that catches your eye, you may not be in a position to check it out right then. There’s just so much…

Find Time to Keep Yourself Focused and on Track with This One Simple Tip!

Finding time to stay on track, especially if much of your work must be done on-line, can be a very big challenge.  There are so many potential distractions that can pull you away from your planned work.  Do you notice that you ‘lose time’ when you’re at your computer?  It’s a very common problem and…