Transitions and Your Time-Choosing to Thrive Through Change

Transitions are taking place in our lives all the time. Maybe you hardly notice the small transitions … but the large ones can create upheaval and stress. The more you bring mindful attention to your transitions, looking at the ways you

Energy, Pace and Productivity: Flexibility Helps You Find Time

Flexibility is a key component in your time finding tool box. Self-awareness, coupled with flexibility allows you to pace yourself and boost your productivity in response to your needs, circumstances, and energy levels. 

Chores Galore: How to Use Templates to Increase Efficiency and Find Lots More Time!

Templates are among the most useful time management tools going. Easy to create and maintain, they are powerful time-savers that you need to add to your time management repertoire, if you haven’t already! Finding time with task templates is 

Find Time to Stop and Really Listen to What You Tell Yourself About Your Time

Finding time to listen to the messages that you give yourself about your time is the first step in beginning to make changes in your time choices.  It’s like looking at a map of the terrain, before setting out on a journey. In order to begin to see the important landmarks and signposts on your…

Find Time for You – MORE than Once in a Blue Moon

As a reader of The Time Finder Blog or my articles at you know that Self Care is something that I view as a responsibility – NOT a luxury or self-indulgence. Self care is something to attend to every day.  It is most DEFINITELY NOT something to pursue only once in a blue moon…

Finding Time for October's Time Finder Favorites!

Happy November, everyone!  As I embark on a new month, I always spend some time reflecting on the month that came before.  Please join me as I share the 5 posts that readers of The Time Finder were most drawn to in October. Topping our list for October was a post about being flexible titled…

Finding Time to Change a Pattern and Find "New Eyes"

Why is it important, sometimes, to change a pattern? Well, finding time to recognize your patterns and then make conscious choices about them is one of the most powerful skills that we can cultivate in our lives.  Creating systems and templates (both are essentially patterns) can be great time-savers.  However, patterns can also become rote…