Stuck Today? A Perspective Shift Helps

If you’re feeling stuck today, you don’t have to stay there. I want to tell you about a simple shift that will surprise you with its power, and that makes all the difference. It has to do with your perspective — how it affects you, and how you are in a position to make choices…

Running into Obstacles? Try This Timely Tip Today

Obstacles, like changes, are constants in our lives. And while obstacles can definitely be frustrating, if we choose to spend our energy on being annoyed, we are actually making them more difficult to navigate than they need to be. So, here’s a tip for your consideration. I hope you find it helpful with the next obstacle…

Gratitude Isn’t Just About Thanksgiving. Check Out These Tips

There are many ways that gratitude enlarges and enhances your life. When you choose to feel grateful you immediately shift your perspective and transform the energy that you bring to your moments. It’s so important to keep this in mind throughout the year. We’re likely to reflect on what we’re grateful for during the Thanksgiving…

Awakenings, Travel Vision, and Time Transformation

Awakenings don’t have to be limited to the dawning light of morning. No, they can happen any time. I like to think of Awakenings as small choices you and I make to open our minds and our eyes and touch life directly. Awakenings are vivid and electric. They transform our moments and, by extension, ourselves. If you’re someone…

Time Choices and Changes — Staging Your Time Success!

Your time choices define your time success. And those choices are profoundly affected by the energy, perspective and priorities that you bring to them. Indeed, you can’t make a time choice that you aren’t ready for. It won’t even occur to you! But the good news is that you can develop your capacity when it 

Encouraging Words to Find Energy and Time

Encouraging words. Early on, many of us learned how important they are from a little engine that could. “I think I can. I think I can.” Remember that? I’d actually offer a small, even more encouraging and affirmative edit to that statement: “I can and I will!”

Stress, Your Energy and Your Time – Helpful Affirmations

Stress is a fact of life.  There’s no getting around it; BUT you can develop skills for managing it. Managing your stress well contributes a LOT to your success – and even more importantly, to the quality of your relationships, your moments … and your life! When it comes to stress management,