Positive Self-Talk is a Powerful Time-Saver

Positive self-talk is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself — ever. And the good news is that positive self-talk is a gift you can give over and over – as often as you like. When it comes to boosting energy and confidence, there’s nothing better.  But have you ever thought about…

Encouraging Words to Find Energy and Time

Encouraging words. Early on, many of us learned how important they are from a little engine that could. “I think I can. I think I can.” Remember that? I’d actually offer a small, even more encouraging and affirmative edit to that statement: “I can and I will!”

Stress, Your Energy and Your Time – Helpful Affirmations

Stress is a fact of life.  There’s no getting around it; BUT you can develop skills for managing it. Managing your stress well contributes a LOT to your success – and even more importantly, to the quality of your relationships, your moments … and your life! When it comes to stress management, 

Gratitude: Give It Away and Enrich Your Time

Gratitude.  Yesterday we explored the ways that opening your heart to gratitude expands and deepens your experience of time. So today we’re going to take it a step further and look at how expressing gratitude enhances and enriches you!

Find Time to Breathe In (and Breathe Out) Your Gratitude

Finding time to breathe deeply and savor our moments is a huge challenge and can be especially so during the busy holiday season. I know the feeling and I am sure that you do, too.  When your To Do List is brimming, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that your cup, too,…

Find Time and Lots of Tweets Using Twitter Search on Cyber Monday

Finding time to find what you’re looking for on Twitter and make the most of this social networking tool can be a tall task. But did you know that Twitter includes a search function to help you find the tweets and tweeple you most want to view? The simple form is right on your Home…

Find Time to Eat Clean and Get Healthy!

Finding time to give yourself what you need isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it’s a challenge to KNOW what you need.  Other times, you may be clear about the necessities, but actually following through on what you know isn’t part of your repertoire … yet. Here’s the key … don’t give up! Remember that self care…