Opening Possibilities by Opening Your Heart — How Compassion Helps

Opening possibilities for yourself gives you an expansive feeling about your life. The horizon looks wider and you feel like the sky is, literally, the limit. And sometimes even the weather enhances that feeling of opening possibilities. For example, here in New Hampshire, we’ve had a beautiful succession of days. The air has been soft…

Your Acceptance Opens You to New Possibilities, No Matter What

Your acceptance of whatever comes your way is a powerful base for your action. It opens you to what’s possible, so you can navigate change successfully. Indeed, your acceptance of the things that you cannot change is one of the fundamental principles of 12-Step Programs. And it is also a key ingredient in making wise…

Your Heart-Based Power Pair: Self-Talk and Choice

Heart-based power is solid, grounded, and, well, POWERFUL. That’s because your heart-based power is unique to you. And it connects with the very well-springs of your being. So, making time to tap into your heart-based power is worth doing. It creates a clear and gratifying path to a new sense of freedom and possibility. You…

Compassion Power Opens You to Your Possibilities

Compassion power might seem like an odd pairing of words but read on. It’ll make sense, I promise. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what gets me stuck and what gets me unstuck, when facing a time challenge. One of the themes that keeps coming up is that of compassion. What is compassion…

Curiosity Expands Your Possibilities AND Your Time!

Curiosity is NOT dangerous – any cat will tell you so! And curiosity is not a character trait that you’re born with — it’s a skill you develop and nourish. Last but not least, curiosity, as an approach to your time and your life, is a skill that enhances your sense of abundance and 

Time and Talk – What You Say to Yourself Really Matters!

Time is precious and limited. The energy that you bring to your time affects how you experience it and how you use it. And going one step deeper — how you talk to yourself has a profound effect on your energy — and by 

Goal-Setting – Finding the Right Mindset for Finding Time!

Goal-setting is a very helpful enterprise any time of year. And as we move into a new season, goal-setting becomes even more important, timely, and invigorating.  The start of spring (here in the northern hemisphere …) is an especially good time to