Anger: Express It Constructively and See How It Helps You Find Time!

Anger is a challenging emotion. It’s also a very human emotion.  Take a moment, right now, and think about the last time you felt angry about something. What did it feel like to you, on the inside?  Did your body respond to the feeling?  If so, how?

Anger, Control, and Fear: Untangle the Knots to Find More Time!

Earlier this week I wrote about enlisting the power of gratitude to transform your anger into something manageable, creative and positive in your life. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper and explore the roots of anger. I find that they are similar, for many of us;

Find Time with 5 Flexible Team-Building Tips

What does team-building have to do with your time? Well, finding time when you work with others always works best when you start with good team strategy. This can be a challenge, and it’s especially difficult if you are working with someone who relates to time quite differently than you. What do you do when…

Finding Time with Assertive Time Boundaries

Finding time using time boundaries is a skill that will help you make time for the things that matter most to you. And setting time boundaries is something that you get better and better at the more you practice and become comfortable with it. Time Boundaries: Assertive vs. Aggressive Now, one helpful distinction, as you…

Finding Time to Make Time Choices That are Really Your Own

Choices are the building blocks of your day, each and every day. I was reading an article about choice-making recently. The author noted that the simple act of making choices can be empowering. So, are your choices empowering? When it comes to finding time, I would have to add that it definitely “depends!” If you…