To-Do List Power! Todoist Integrates Tools for Finding Time

To-do lists are powerful time management tools. Unfortunately, many people avoid using to-do lists because when used unwisely they can easily become overwhelming, discouraging and guilt-provoking. There are lots of on-line apps for creating and maintaining to-do lists. Or, if you prefer, there’s always the paper and pencil option.

To-Do Lists Part 1: Debunk the Myths to Find Time

To-do lists can be a powerful time management tool when used well.  And when used not-so-well, they can be a source of confusion, overwhelm, discouragement and frustration. In today’s and tomorrow’s posts, I want to share 3 Myths about To-do lists – along with 3 Realities that 

Find Flexibility, Focus and Fun with Segmented Planning-Part 1

Finding time to get it all done is your daily challenge.  If you’re like me, you probably like to plan your day ahead.  Planning is a wonderful time management tool. But what happens when things change? Take yesterday, for example.  We had some internet connectivity issues and by the time we were up and running…