Your Procrastination Habit — How Pressure NEVER Helps

Your procrastination habit is best addressed by owning it. Avoidance never helps, because you can’t address what you don’t acknowledge. However, your procrastination is also a time choice that is never eradicated by self-criticism or pressure tactics. Addressing your procrastination: We can all probably agree that making time for a project or task, and then…

Step Back, Take Space, and Start Making Proactive Time Choices

When you step back you aren’t going backwards, necessarily. In fact, sometimes one step back is just exactly what you need to be able to step into your power and move forward. Here’s a key for making powerful time choices: Learn to make them proactively. So, what does stepping back have to do with being…

Productivity Boost – Make a Playful, Creative Day for Yourself!

Productivity is something we all seek, and it can be a very elusive goal. It can also feel, when you make productivity the be-all and end-all, like you are a hamster in a cage. Know the feeling? I think we all do — and it isn’t fun. But how can you step away from the rat…

Stress and You – Change Your Thoughts and Find More Time!

We all encounter stress from day to day and minute to minute. It’s a fundamental fact of living for everyone, stress is.  Since it’s built right in to the human condition, it’s not the absence of stress that we should strive for – but better ways to manage it. 

First Steps-Think Small for Sure Starts!

First steps:  You can’t start without them!  Not only that, but taking your first steps always helps overcome resistance and overwhelm when a big project has you stuck. But what do you do when first steps look daunting – or even dangerous?  How do you make 

Time-Saving Tip: Using Compassion Frees You from Poisonous Perfectionism!

Time-saving tips can set you free from the things that hold you back and keep you stuck.  Sometimes it’s external roadblocks and inefficiencies, and sometimes we create our own hurdles. Do you work long and hard to move forward, only to find yourself stuck?   Excellence is so rewarding, but then there are those 

Find Time to Be More Productive with a Small Change of Scenery

Finding time to function at high levels of productivity isn’t always easy.  Do you sometimes feel like you are in a rut, for no obvious reason?  That can be a very frustrating situation for highly productive people – and it’s one that I was struggling with just the other day. I have been working on…