Truly, It’s the Only Way Change Happens — A-Day-At-A-Time

A-day-at-a-time is the mantra for your incremental path to time success. And taking it a-day-at-a-time is advice that’s so pervasive in our culture that it’s easy to not really take in its import. How often have you heard that phrase? And the bigger question: How often have you acted on it? Yes, it’s true. A-day-at-a-time…

Practice Makes Progress — Let Go of Perfect and Focus on Process

Practice is a very powerful tool for developing and sustaining skills. And yet, for many people the word has negative connotations. How many of you remember being called inside to practice the piano when you wanted to be playing with your friends? Not fun. And practice can feel boring and/or painful at times. Think about…

On-Line and Losing Time? Use Time Plans and Boundaries to Find Time

On-line activities take up more and more of everyone’s time these days. Whether you go on-line as part of your business and marketing plan, or simply use 

Decluttering in Doable Chunks — Your 52-Week Challenge

Decluttering is a worthy goal, no matter where you are on the clutter spectrum! That’s because clutter doesn’t get rid of itself, AND wherever it exists, it eats up energy and time. If your space is cluttered, everything you undertake is going to take just a little bit longer. And I’m not talking about physical…

Time Choices: Distill Daily Lessons and Thrive!

Time choices:  They are the small (and not-so-small) decisions that give shape to our days, weeks, months, and years! In recent blog posts, I’ve encouraged you to harvest your best time choices from last year, and my guess is that you 

Habits: Let Go of the Ones that Waste Your Time!

Habits can be helpful, and they can keep you stuck. Keeping that fact in mind, an excellent time management skill is sorting out the time habits that help (they’re the ones you want to keep) and those that don’t.  These are the ones you want to let go of. 

Find Time to Be More Productive with Compassion: 3 Myth-Busting Time Tips

Finding time for what matters most demands both flexibility and focus.  And when it comes to activating these two powerful keys, compassion makes all the difference in the world.  That’s because compassion opens the door to insight – and when you need to be productive, responsive, and zero in on your priorities, compassionate insight is…