Feeling Stuck About a Project? Well, This Will Surely Help…

When you’ve got a project on your horizon and you’re feeling stuck, what do you do? It can feel overwhelming, and the more time passes, the larger the project looms. So, the first bit of advice I’ll give you is simple: Remember that a project isn’t a monolith. (Click to Tweet) Indeed, any project has…

Today’s Time Tip: Going Backwards to Move Ahead

Going backwards usually doesn’t sound like a good thing to do. But, in fact, when you’re planning your time, going backwards is one way that you can provide yourself with some much-needed clarity and perspective. Because it’s a different vantage point, it often leads to much more realistic planning. So, here’s a quick time tip…

Perfection Paralysis 2 – Ask Paula

Perfection paralysis plagues many smart, successful people. Are you one of them? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s a question we received after yesterday’s post. It’s from Marina, in Albuquerque:

Projects – Manage Expectations and Find Time

As fall unfolds, how many projects do you have on our plate? And, more to the point, how are you managing them? Whether you’re in school, a parent, an entrepreneur or a coach, you probably have lots of projects percolating and maybe an equal number coming due. It 

Project Preparation – 5 Timely Tips

Starting a project and following it through to completion involves time management skills that translate into lots of other situations, Not long ago I shared a post about finding time to start your project. There are two key components to this enterprise: Getting yourself ready and Preparing your environment. If you neglect either one of these components, it’s going…

Project Got You Stuck? Step #1 – Find Time to Start!

When faced with a new project, do you find yourself stuck before you begin? Whether you stall out or rush in, you’ll find these tips about preparation extremely helpful. You benefit in a number of ways by engaging in thoughtful mental and physical action steps prior to starting your project. You maintain your motivation and 

Kanbanote Plus Evernote for Finding Time!

Kanbanote looks to be an interesting web-based app that lets you arrange notes in Evernote into clear, actionable lists. The advantage with Kanbanote is that it enables you to rearrange items you’ve added to Evernote in new