Transition Tips: 3 Powerful Pointers for Making the Most of Your Time

Transition times are times of flux and change.  For that reason, a transition can also be something that disorients you and throws you off track.  But only if you LET it! Today I am going to explore 3 Transition Tips that will center and focus your energy.

Habits: Let Go of the Ones that Waste Your Time!

Habits can be helpful, and they can keep you stuck. Keeping that fact in mind, an excellent time management skill is sorting out the time habits that help (they’re the ones you want to keep) and those that don’t.  These are the ones you want to let go of. 

Finding Time Boundaries in Times of Stress and Times of Calm

Establishing and maintaining your time boundaries is a challenge anytime – and when you are under stress, it can be even more difficult. During stressful times, time boundaries are extremely useful.  They help you to maintain your energy and find the space to breathe and reflect – and thereby be more efficient and effective as…

Find Time When Your To-Do List is Way Too Full – 3 Tips!

Finding time when your to-do list is overflowing can be a formidable challenge! Here at The Time Finder we are in the midst of getting ready to move our lists to a new e-mail provider.  There are lots of details involved in this undertaking, and some of the tasks are complicated. Many of them are…

Find Strong Time and Stop Snowballing Stress!

In yesterday’s Time Finder post I wrote a little about our latest snowstorm and dealing with the stress it triggered. Enlarging on that thought, I would note that stress not only affects our productivity and health.  It also affects the quality of our experience of time.  It affects how our moments feel and that, in…