Overwhelmed? Stepping Away Can Save the Day!

When you’re overwhelmed, what’s your first response? For many of us, the knee-jerk reaction is to increase our efforts immediately … because we want to do something about that feeling. But working faster or harder or longer simply isn’t the optimal 

Transitions and Your Power: Transforming Time

Transitions are a constant in our lives. That’s because we are always changing, as is our environment. Another way of saying this is that life is bigger than your plans. Sometimes that fact is more noticeable than others – like when your schedule is disrupted by unanticipated events.  But in truth, life 

Find Time When Dealing With Unexpected Glitches!

The Finding Time E-zine was sent out yesterday at noontime.  I love developing and sharing the e-zine, and always look forward to the comments, questions, and feedback from readers. Yesterday was different, though. Ten, 15, 30-minutes after it was fired … no e-zine.  This was very unusual. After an hour, still nothing.  I was worried. …