Let Go of Perfectionism and Let Your Holidays Be Real

Letting go of perfectionism allows you to enjoy your holidays more fully. This is because it lets you be grounded solidly in your moments. You are free to be present to all that the season offers. On the other hand, pursuing perfectionism sets you up to hold eternally unrealistic expectations. Let go and settle in……

Guilt and You — Root it Out Today with a Dose of Reality

In yesterday’s post I wrote about guilt and its debilitating effects — effects that you don’t have to accept in your life. If you take a moment and think about your biggest time-and-energy drains, my guess is that you might find guilt up there near the top of the list. So, today I’m going to…

Overwhelmed by Too Many Tasks and Not Enough Hours?

Being overwhelmed seems to be a natural state for many people in today’s world. In fact, I’ve noticed that it can sometimes be an expectation and a badge of honor. Think about it. In some circles, if you’re not constantly overwhelmed, doesn’t it feel like you’re doing something wrong? Not doing enough?

Celebrate – No Matter How Many Candles Are Involved!

Finding time to celebrate the passing years as you age is a skill that stands you in good stead for life’s transitions. I think about that, as I enter my birth month and get ready to celebrate another birthday. It’s a journey, and  finding time to achieve true contentment 

Stuck in a Rut? Freshen Tasks with Mindfulness to Find Time!

Feeling stuck in a rut is no fun.  It saps your energy and drains the color and vibrancy from your moments. And yet it’s important to know that feeling stuck in a rut isn’t a fact of life or a true reflection of reality.  No, it’s a choice we make – and a choice we 

Choose Gratitude to Transform Your Time

Gratitude is always a choice that enriches your time and your life – always. It is transformative. Gratitude is grounded solidly in the realities of life. Sometimes those are joyful and sometimes they are hard realities. Coming from a place of gratitude, you take the full measure of your gifts in each 

Anger, Control, and Fear: Untangle the Knots to Find More Time!

Earlier this week I wrote about enlisting the power of gratitude to transform your anger into something manageable, creative and positive in your life. Today I’d like to dig a little deeper and explore the roots of anger. I find that they are similar, for many of us;