Work Ahead to Reduce Your Stress and Save Time

When you work ahead, you immediately give yourself a stress-reducing cushion. It’s a vital time management key, especially if you often work under pressure. Why? Well, for one thing, when the unexpected hits, managing your tasks and priorities can be a big challenge. Here’s one recent example that hit close to home: An unexpected disruption here at…

Organizing Your Space to Find Time-5 Tips

Organizing your environment has a very significant impact on how you experience and live your moments. Indeed, de-cluttering and organizing are surefire ways to boost your time management efforts and reduce your stress. So, streamlining your work practices and organizing

Deep Breathing to Find Peace, Energy, and Time

Deep breathing is a simple and powerful skill. When you cultivate and practice it, you do yourself a huge favor. Easy and always-accessible, deep breathing is a practice that reduces stress, improves your health in some very clear ways, and offers renewed energy and clarity whenever you implement it. Honestly, it’s THAT helpful and good for…

Transitions: Open to Them and Find Time!

Transitions begin by ending the old. Losses and gains are intertwined, as you navigate transitions. One season reluctantly lets go, while the next takes hold. Transitions require that you move forward in the face of uncertainty. 

Preparation Pays Off: 3 Tips to Save Time!

Preparation is a time management skill that enhances your flexibility – especially when something unexpected comes up.  The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more you can focus effectively and efficiently in each moment. And yet, preparation may not be an activity that you think you have time for. This is especially the…

Time Management: How to Effectively Make Use of Your Time to Minimize Work Stress

Time management skills have a profound affect, not simply on your productivity, but on the quality of your life. Today on The Time Finder we feature a guest post by Ryan Rivera, Publisher and Founder of  So, I invite you to read on, and let us know what you 

Exercise for Health in 2013: Keep Yourself Going with Affirmations!

Exercise is a fundamental key to a healthy lifestyle.  And yet, for busy people, exercise is often the thing that gets shelved to make way for other responsibilities and tasks. But here’s the thing:  exercise is one of the most energizing and stress-reducing activities you can engage in.  When you skip it, you are