Empowering Ideas and Powerful Time Tools Galore!

Empowering yourself with the tools and information you need is a surefire path to success. But too many of us just don’t find time to do that – and the results are telling. Indeed, embarking on a new path or new 

Self-Care Rituals Soothe You and Refresh Your Time

Self-care is a fundamental key to our health, success and enjoyment of life. Yet, when our days get busy, self-care is often the thing that we set aside.  This can be especially true for many women, as we are socialized to place self-care rather low in our hierarchy of priorities.

Sleep Time Soothes and Refreshes: Use Affirmations to Get the Rest You Need

Sleep time is such an important part of each and every day.  It nourishes and sustains our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Yet, our sleep time is often squeezed by 

Find Time to Breathe In (and Breathe Out) Your Gratitude

Finding time to breathe deeply and savor our moments is a huge challenge and can be especially so during the busy holiday season. I know the feeling and I am sure that you do, too.  When your To Do List is brimming, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that your cup, too,…

Finding Time for Your Truth – Deepening into Your Life Today!

Finding time to pause and reflect will always enhance your productivity and boost your energy. As a time management tool, taking a small break and a deep breath is rejuvenating. Deepening into yourself is something that you can count on to recharge your batteries and refresh your attitude. However, there is an entirely different way…

Find Time to Relax This Weekend!

Finding time to wind down and relax is one of the most rejuvenating gifts you can give yourself – and also one of the hardest to come by, it seems.  As we finish out the month of July and head into a weekend, I thought this would be a great time to talk about relaxation…

Find Time by Including Time for You in Each Day!

Finding time for you isn’t self-indulgent. It’s actually one of the best time management tools going. Do you want to find time to make the most of the 24 hours that you have each day? Well, here’s a tip that will help! Build in some replenishing and rejuvenating time for yourself at least once a day.…