Breathing: Your Portable, Powerful and Dependable Stress-Reducer

Breathing.  It’s something we all do, pretty much every moment of our lives.  And yet, we pay it little mind … our breathing. And that’s to our detriment, because our breathing has a huge impact on how we experience our moments and our time.  Indeed, our 

Self-Care Rituals to Soothe, Energize, and Transform Time

Self-Care is one of the most important tools in your time management toolbox. That’s because life gets way too busy – so busy, sometimes, that you may feel like you don’t have time to take care of yourself. But, in order to embrace all that life has to offer, it’s vital that you move 

Self-Care Rituals Soothe You and Refresh Your Time

Self-care is a fundamental key to our health, success and enjoyment of life. Yet, when our days get busy, self-care is often the thing that we set aside.  This can be especially true for many women, as we are socialized to place self-care rather low in our hierarchy of priorities.

Animal Companions Enhance and Deepen Self Care Time

Animal companions are warm and silent (or not-so-silent) presences in many of our lives.  To the degree that we are open to them, our animal companions offer depths of connection and caring that enhance our lives … and our moments … in wonderful and sometimes surprising ways. Animal companions refresh me! In the hustle and…

Gratitude: Feel How It Deepens and Expands Your Time!

Gratitude is way of being and perhaps one of the most powerful life skills that you can cultivate.  That’s because gratitude changes everything! Maybe your heart is filled with gratitude right now, as you savor your holiday moments. Let your feelings of gratitude wash over you.  Feel how they enhance and deepen your experience of…

Relax! Enhance Your Holiday Moments Using These Timely Affirmations

Finding time to relax can be a real challenge during the holidays.  But, if you don’t relax, there’s a good possibility that stress will drain your moments of their joy and meaning. So, today I’d like to share some affirmations to help you let down and relax, no matter what.  Using these affirmations, you’ll find…

Find Time to Reflect and Recharge – How Has 2011 Been Going for You So Far?

When you find time to reflect during times of transition, you give yourself an energizing gift. That’s because making the most of your time, and of transition times in particular, is a great skill to develop and hone.  The beginning of a new year offers us a wonderful “moment” to do this, as we are…