Stuck in a Rut? Freshen Tasks with Mindfulness to Find Time!

Feeling stuck in a rut is no fun.  It saps your energy and drains the color and vibrancy from your moments. And yet it’s important to know that feeling stuck in a rut isn’t a fact of life or a true reflection of reality.  No, it’s a choice we make – and a choice we 

Stress and You – Change Your Thoughts and Find More Time!

We all encounter stress from day to day and minute to minute. It’s a fundamental fact of living for everyone, stress is.  Since it’s built right in to the human condition, it’s not the absence of stress that we should strive for – but better ways to manage it. 

Finding Time by Consciously Choosing Your Words (and Messages) to Yourself!

Yesterday I wrote about the inner critic, and ways that you can use your inner adult and nurturer to counter the critic’s debilitating messages.  Today I’d like to write a little bit more about that, starting with a very insightful post from Paula Harvey on her blog Designing a Passionate Life. In Using Beliefs to…