Sudden Change — 3 More Timely Tips for Finding Time

When sudden change invades, you’re thrown off-balance. It’s a fact of life. So when this happens, recognizing what’s taking place is key. You can’t move ahead until you know where you are and accept that new reality. Sudden change is disorienting. So while you may not know all the details or ramifications 

Resilience — What Does it Look Like for You?

In my last post, I explored resilience and some of the personal strengths and skills that contribute to it. In each of our lives, on a daily basis, we are confronted with challenges. And we each have, inside of us, reservoirs of energy and creativity that we can draw upon whenever we need to. All that’s necessary…

Resilience Means Dancing in the Rain (or Snow)

Resilience is a skill (as opposed to a character trait). It’s a choice that empowers, energizes, and keeps you going, no matter what. You’re probably familiar with the following statement about this skill – here shared by Roy H. Williams, who quoted a young rabbi, saying: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about…

Transitions and You – How is Your Transition Vision?

As promised in my previous post, here’s your exercise for checking your transition vision. This exercise gives you a leg up, when it comes to navigating through changes. Each transition is different, but knowing how you approach them makes your transitions much more manageable. And here’s something important to keep in mind: transitions are opportunities,…

Productivity-Is It ALWAYS the Best Use of Your Time?

Productivity is something we all strive for – but is it always all that it’s cracked up to be? What does your wise mind tell you? We hear it trumpeted all the time – how increasing your efficiency and effectiveness with time management tools, tips and tricks will exponentially increase your productivity and ultimately lead to wild success in…

Self-Care, Your Energy, and Transitional Time

Self-care is something that we’ll be writing more about in the coming weeks and months. That’s because if you’re not taking full responsibility for your self-care, you are daily sending yourself out into the world undernourished and unprepared. We would never do that to a child, or advise 

Transitions: Navigate Them Skillfully with 5 Timely Tips!

Transitions are happening all the time.  They can be disruptive, as any change will be; and usually they are not linear.  As with seasonal transitions, a sudden frost can send springtime back toward winter … or a thaw can make us feel like warmth has arrived when we’re still