Transition Time: Transform Your Energy to Thrive Through Changes

Transition times hold challenges and opportunities.  Challenges, because your life is in some kind of upheaval … and opportunities for the exact same reason! And the good news here is that you can redirect your energy to transform transitions into

Time Energy™ – Find Yours by Embracing Fresh Challenges

Finding Time Energy™ is a matter of tapping into an abundant wellspring of energy and self-motivation that you have with you always. And while it may be a natural instinct to shrink from new challenges, embracing them actually increases your Time Energy™.

Find Time, Energy and Resilience When You Put a Little Love in Your Heart!

Finding time, energy and resilience takes more than making and completing to-do lists, as you well know. For one thing, you need lots of resourcefulness, energy and resilience when setbacks arise. Your instinctive response when plans are threatened may be to entrench yourself in rigid patterns, but that’s a temptation to avoid.   It creates a…