Pushcrew – A Timely Tool for Connecting and Communicating!

Pushcrew is a tool that I learned about recently in the excellent newsletter that my colleague and mentor Sandra Martini publishes. When Sandy recommends something, I listen, and pushcrew is an excellent case in point. We’ve started testing it 

Google Update – Find Time to Be Mobile Friendly!

Google is changing its algorithm as of April 21, and it’s important that you find time to make sure that your website won’t be negatively affected. The change that Google is making is aimed at assuring that websites are optimized for mobile devices. Sandra Martini, of TheMartiniWay.com has 

Reflection Time: Regroup, Rejuvenate and Welcome Spring!

Reflection time is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. But it can be a challenge for busy people to find time for reflection.  That’s because, on the face of it, this doesn’t feel or look like productive time.  

Time Planning for Your Business and Your Life!

Time planning is a skill that is a foundational building block of success. Whether you’re talking about creating and sustaining a business, or living each of your moments as fully as possible, time planning is, truly, the vehicle that gets you from Point A to Point B … and beyond.