Turning Energy Changes into Energy Boosts During Transition Times

Energy changes abound, as autumn transforms our corner of New Hampshire. Temperatures dip and morning mist rises over the ponds. Swamp maples are starting to turn fiery red. And turkeys and their young forage behind the house in the early morning. What energy changes, challenges and opportunities do you face as the season changes? Night comes earlier (or later, if…

Your Power Sanctuary – Create One Today to Recharge for the Holidays

Your power sanctuary is a place you go to recharge your batteries so you can bring your best self to your moments.  Sometimes it seems like we treat our iPads and cell phones better than we treat ourselves. And that’s often especially true during busy times like the holidays.

Peaches, Peacefulness and Profits: Seasonal Gifts of Ripening Time

Ripening time is a concept that takes on special meaning for me as autumn takes hold here on the farm, and the peach harvest arrives! Peaches, luscious and aglow with summer’s sun and warmth, grace autumn’s larder and fill me with wonder. Each year I look forward to this sweet 

Slow Down, Breathe Deep, and Savor Your Time

“Slow down, you move too fast.  You’ve got to make the morning last …”  Remember that song penned by Simon and Garfunkel?  I was certainly hearing it in the back of my mind as I read an article by Madisyn Taylor in The Daily Om.  It was titled “Enjoying a Snail’s Pace: Doing Things Slowly” and began

Find Time to Start Your Transition into Fall

Finding time for transitions is a powerful and empowering skill in your collection of time management tools.  Wisely navigating transitions is, at heart, about making journeys.  So, as any seasoned traveler well knows, it’s important to take with you what you’ll need … and leave behind what it’s no longer necessary to carry. Here’s an…

Find Time for Spring Cleaning!

Finding time for spring cleaning is one of my favorite annual rituals … and we are heading into that time of year once again – at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Yesterday was one of those days when it felt like winter might actually be drawing to a close.  Can’t you feel it? I…

Find Time to Sort Through the Gifts and Wrapping Paper

Finding time to reflect, especially during busy times, can be difficult. But the rewards offered by moments of reflection vastly outnumber the challenges of finding them! The holiday season is an excellent case in point.  For many it is an extremely busy, emotionally laden, and sometimes interpersonally complicated time of year.  Your moments are packed…