Many Tasks and Little Time — Templates Help You Get Things Done

When you have many tasks and little time, it’s easy to slip into overwhelm. And, unfortunately, once you start feeling overwhelmed, you’re even less likely to get to the many tasks that keep piling up. Overwhelm slows you down. It’s like static that takes up space in your head and makes decisions much more difficult…

Chores Galore: How to Use Templates to Increase Efficiency and Find Lots More Time!

Templates are among the most useful time management tools going. Easy to create and maintain, they are powerful time-savers that you need to add to your time management repertoire, if you haven’t already! Finding time with task templates is 

Spring Cleaning and You: 3 Timely Tips

Spring cleaning can be many things to many people.  The energy that you bring to it has a profound effect on how it feels to you. Spring Cleaning:  How Do You See It? For some, spring cleaning is one of those