Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Work on Cyber Monday

Are keyboard shortcuts part of your repertoire? If not, I suggest that you consider exploring them and incorporating them into your workflow. Technology tips like keyboard shortcuts help you speed up your work on-line. So, putting systems in place to increase your efficiency is always a winning proposition. Shortcuts galore… And, of course, if you’re…

Windows Shortcuts to Power Your On-Line Time

Shortcuts are powerful efficiency-boosters. But they aren’t usually going to help you streamline your time immediately. The trick is to incorporate new shortcuts into your routine so that whatever ones you use become second nature. Keep your expectations realistic and don’t be 

Gmail – It’s Never too Late to Learn New Tricks to Find Time!

Gmail is everywhere, and if you’re a user, you are probably familiar with many of its features. Or are you? As is the case with many of the capabilities that our computers and software programs put at our fingertips, we often only use a fraction of the tools available.

Gmail Tips and Time-Savers

Gmail, for all its foibles, is an e-mail client that offers quite a bit of flexibility and can save you time and effort if you are willing to explore a bit. Indeed, as with so much of the software we use, the capabilities far outdistance what we know about and use.  The point is, not…

Cyber Monday Snippet from The Time Finder!

Cyber Monday isn’t about shopping here at The Time Finder. No, Cyber Monday is the day, each and every week, that we highlight time-saving tech tools and tips.  It’s all about how you can be more efficient and effective in your on-line activities, whether you’re 

Textdown Works from Your Browser and Saves Time

Textdown is a text editor that my VA has been experimenting with over the past week.  She says that it saves time, so I thought I’d share it with you. Let me preface this my saying that I am NOT the most tech-savvy person on the planet by a long shot.  But this tool sounded…

Find Time for AutoHotKey and … Find More Time!

Finding time to make the most of your writing time is a perennial challenge. If you’re a blogger, or if you have an online business that involves lots of communication, you’re probably at the keyboard quite a bit!  And if your business depends on connecting with your customers, you will want to be able to…