Cyber Monday Snippet from The Time Finder!

Cyber Monday isn’t about shopping here at The Time Finder. No, Cyber Monday is the day, each and every week, that we highlight time-saving tech tools and tips.  It’s all about how you can be more efficient and effective in your on-line activities, whether you’re 

Photos and Fun: Picture Yourself Using PicMonkey and Finding Time!

Photos are fun to share and use online.  If you have an online business, you know that images and photos are a big draw and a key component of effective marketing.  And it goes without saying that in social networking venues, attractive and interesting photos are what gets shared first and most often.

Tech Tools are Tops: July’s Favorites for Finding Time

Tech tools are nearly always of interest, if you’re someone who spends time online.  So it’s not surprising that tech tools and tips topped the list of readers’ favorite Time Finder blog posts this past month.  Ready for the specifics?  (Just click the links in the titles to read on …) 

HootSuite Syndicator: Add RSS to Your Dashboard and Find Time

HootSuite has stepped into the vacuum left by the July 1 demise of Google Reader, and here at The Time Finder, we are glad that they did! Many people love RSS feeds for collecting and curating information which they then use in their businesses or personal lives in any 

Find Time for Some Digital Media Resources from Mashable on Cyber Monday

Finding time to keep up with all the developments in the world of digital media is next to impossible.  There are so many different platforms, and so many thousands of applications and tools being developed and marketed for each that sorting out what’s what could be a full-time job. That’s why I like to check…

Finding Time for Google Plus – Timely Resources This Cyber Monday

Finding time to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and clients in social networks can be a time-consuming task.  It is also a very important (and powerful) venue for staying in touch. Well, now there is a new ‘player’ in the mix – Google Plus.  Not-so-new, actually, as The Economic Times reported this morning that: Google’s…

Find Time on Cyber Monday to Explore Gremln: The New and Improved TwAitter That's Coming Soon

Finding time to keep up with innovations in social media can be a full time task.  As long-time users of TwAitter, we here at Finding Time have appreciated the ability to offer scheduled tweets of our timely tips, time quotes, and other material so that we can share this great material with as many people…