How You Treat Yourself is Especially Important Right Now

How do you treat yourself on a daily basis? Your self-care is one of the best investments you ever make. And yet, how often do you let this drop to the bottom of the list. Busy times like the holiday season are fun AND they can strain relations, compound confusions, and end up leaving everyone…

Nurturing Rituals for Opening and Closing Your Work Space

Rituals support you by integrating what unites body, mind, and spirit into daily activities. Unlike routines, rituals deepen your experience of your time, because they tap the energy of repetition and of mindfulness. Here’s a simple ritual Many years ago, I created rituals for entering and leaving my home office. They helped me focus and work at top efficiency. My…

Your Creative Self — Giving Yourself the Time and Space You Need to Create

Are you creative? If your knee-jerk answer is, “No!” please keep reading. The unfortunate myth is that being creative is some kind of mysterious gift bestowed on a few special people.  Something you either have or don’t. That is simply false.  But unfortunately, it’s a falsehood that cuts you off from mountains of possibility. Not…

Slow Down and Breathe to Reclaim Your Energy and Your Time

When you slow down you give yourself space. In the midst of busy times there is nothing more rejuvenating! On some level, it doesn’t matter if you slow down for 30-seconds or 30-minutes. Simply making the choice to give yourself this gift means that you are in charge. And while making time to breathe and 

Declutter Time? Start from Zero to Win Big!

Spring brings the call to declutter. Is that true for you? As you open windows, let in fresh air, and enjoy the returning light (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), do your thoughts turn to the dusty piles of papers, the old clothes, and the unused gadgets that have accumulated in your life through the…

Paperless Organization to De-Clutter and Find Time

Going paperless is becoming more and more the norm in our digital and increasingly cloud-based world. The advantages of storing information in a digital format are many. You save space – and that, for many businesses, translates directly into saving money.

Clutter Cramping Your Style? Start Small and Make Big Changes!

Clutter is something that we all have to deal with from time to time.  Whether it’s in your space, on your To-Do List, or in your mind and heart, clearing out that clutter is one of the surest ways I know of to decrease stress and increase your efficiency and effectiveness.