BitTorrent Sync vs. Dropbox-Save Money and Find Time

BitTorrent Sync is a file sharing tool that my VA uses and has been intrigued about for some time. I’ve heard about BitTorrent Sync – from her and from others – for years, but it always seemed very ‘techie’ to me and rather incomprehensible. Well, she recently shared an article with me that she had found…

Finding Space (and Time) with Google Drive and Google Docs

Finding space for storing material on the web can be costly, as users of the cloud are learning. Indeed, bits and bytes are tiny, but as they turn into kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes, data files become larger and more complex – and storage becomes more expensive.

Finding Time with Our 7 Favorite Time-Saving Tools

Finding time is easier when you have time tools at hand that work well.  And one of the challenges, when it comes to finding time, is finding and using the most efficient and effective tools for YOU. Note the emphasis.  Finding time isn’t necessarily about finding the newest, best or brightest 

Finding Time to Welcome Your Seasonal Chores

Seasonal chores come and go like clockwork. So, it is expected to be scorching hot here in the Northeast today — the hottest day so far in this new season. Did you find time to put your winter clothes away before the temperatures hit 90° this year, or did you get caught wearing wool? Your…