Finding Your Sweet Spot: It’s Where Your Values and Your Time Choices Converge

You’re making time choices in every moment of your day. This is true, even if you’re not doing it consciously. And your time choices are your key to living your values. But making the time to clarify what you value, and then put those values into practice in your everyday choices is an ongoing challenge.…

Your Values, Your Soul, Your Work: Find Time to Find Your Power

Finding time to find your power is a matter of looking inside. And the deeper you go, the more power you feel and tap into. Your own, unique power is accessible to you and only you. It informs and shapes your work and it deepens and enlivens your moments in ways that 

Balance, Boundaries, and Bears (Oh My): A Fable for Finding Time!

Balance is an essential component in sustaining a healthy and productive life.  And balance, though fundamental to our survival, can be very difficult to find and sustain. As I thought about this subject, the basic refrain I learned years ago from Goldilocks came to mind: This is too hot … This is too cold ……

Focus Online: What's Your Sweet Spot for Finding Time?

Focus is a (if not the) key to your productivity; and finding focus when you are working online can be a huge challenge! The online world is teeming with information, interactions, and fascinating distractions.  Indeed, many believe that our attention spans are