Transitions, Tech Tips and Strong Time — 3 Top Posts to Revisit and Savor

Transitions are all about letting go of one thing and taking hold of another. And it’s the time in-between where so much of the learning takes place. So, how you manage your transitions offers powerful hints what will happen next. In fact, you could say that it defines what happens next. Do you review, savor,…

Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Work on Cyber Monday

Are keyboard shortcuts part of your repertoire? If not, I suggest that you consider exploring them and incorporating them into your workflow. Technology tips like keyboard shortcuts help you speed up your work on-line. So, putting systems in place to increase your efficiency is always a winning proposition. Shortcuts galore… And, of course, if you’re…

Tech Tips to Help You Find Information and Find Time

Tech tips are what we usually focus on each Monday at The Time Finder. So this week I’ve got a few items to share, from free Windows e-books to some important information about the latest WikiLeaks revelation and its possible implications for you. Shall we get right to it?

3 Go-To Tools – Tech Tips for Finding Time

Do you have go-to tools that you don’t know what you’d do without? I’m checking in today, since it’s Cyber Monday, to share 3 of the tech tools that we use all the time here for streamlining our work and finding time! I’m not the most technological person 

Timely Tech Tools and Tips from The Time Finder

Timely tech tools and tips are Cyber Monday staples here at The Time Finder, and today I have a collection of items to share. They range from Google search tricks that can be real time-savers, to some tools for syncing files, to a nifty text editor.  So, let’s start exploring now!

Tech Tips to Enhance Security, Pump Up Productivity and Find Time!

Tech tips always come in handy in our increasingly web-based and info-saturated world. The better you are able to manage your on-line time and activities, the more efficient and effective you’ll be – both at getting things done and at finding time for what matters most!

Time Tools, Perfectionism and Transitions Topped June's Timely Tips

Time tools may take the form of tech tips, ideas for boosting your time management skills, or explorations of things that steal your time (and ways to change that for yourself). During the month of June, readers of The Time Finder were intrigued by a wide range