Finding Time with Our 7 Favorite Time-Saving Tools

Finding time is easier when you have time tools at hand that work well.  And one of the challenges, when it comes to finding time, is finding and using the most efficient and effective tools for YOU. Note the emphasis.  Finding time isn’t necessarily about finding the newest, best or brightest 

Google Penguin, PicMonkey and Transitions Top August’s Menagerie of Timely Tips

Google Penguin and PicMonkey were among the top time tips featured in August on The Time Finder. Let’s run through the list now, as we start a new month by looking back at some of the highlights (based on reader preferences) from 

Tech Tools are Tops: July’s Favorites for Finding Time

Tech tools are nearly always of interest, if you’re someone who spends time online.  So it’s not surprising that tech tools and tips topped the list of readers’ favorite Time Finder blog posts this past month.  Ready for the specifics?  (Just click the links in the titles to read on …) 

Productivity App Advice: Lifehacker’s Timely Tips!

Productivity is something that most of us are seeking to maximize, whether we are coaches, entrepreneurs, busy moms, small business owners, or students.  And making the most of the time we have is a goal that can be powerfully aided by the right technological tools. That’s why I always look forward to 

Summer and Your Tech Tools – 3 Timely Tips

Summer is well underway in Northern climes, with the 4th of July Holiday fast approaching here in the States.  For many, now, thoughts turn to vacations, sunshine, water sports, and lots of outdoor activities. One question that is worth considering ahead of time is how to take care of your technological gadgets while enjoying summertime fun.…

Search Meter and Make JPEG Droplet: 2 Tools to Increase Productivity and Save Time

Search stats, as we learn from Sandra DeFreitas in her recent, informative blog post, offer very valuable information about what blog readers are looking for on your blog.  Her post is titled “How to Really Know What Your Visitors are Looking for so You Can Give it to Them!” – and I just love the idea…

Tech Tools, Multitasking Traps and Other Time Finder Favorites

Tech tools topped the list of Time Finder Favorites this past month – a fact I discovered as I reviewed our blog stats for May.  I love looking at what readers are drawn to, as it gives me ideas for additional posts. And that’s especially true when a post surprises me with it’s popularity ……