Curiosity Expands Your Possibilities AND Your Time!

Curiosity is NOT dangerous – any cat will tell you so! And curiosity is not a character trait that you’re born with — it’s a skill you develop and nourish. Last but not least, curiosity, as an approach to your time and your life, is a skill that enhances your sense of abundance and 

Transitions: Open to Them and Find Time!

Transitions begin by ending the old. Losses and gains are intertwined, as you navigate transitions. One season reluctantly lets go, while the next takes hold. Transitions require that you move forward in the face of uncertainty. 

Time Holds Everything

Time holds everything.  Like air, it is a fundamental medium in which we live our lives.  Everything that we experience exists in time. That includes the joyous wonder of births and beginnings, and the horror and loss of tragedies like 

Time Energy™ – Find Yours by Embracing Fresh Challenges

Finding Time Energy™ is a matter of tapping into an abundant wellspring of energy and self-motivation that you have with you always. And while it may be a natural instinct to shrink from new challenges, embracing them actually increases your Time Energy™.

Find Time to Let Transition Times Foster the Changes You Already Want to Make

Finding time to welcome transition times, make the most of them and even come to appreciate them, is a worthwhile challenge to explore.  As we noted in yesterday’s post, much about how we approach transitions may be defined by what we learned about them as we grew up. And, as we discussed yesterday, those lessons…

Find Time for Gratitude … Especially When the Unexpected Blizzard (or Two) Strikes

Finding time to deal with the unexpected, like, say, a blizzard, is a time management skill that we all do well to develop and practice.  And in many areas of the world, and most areas of the US, it seems, the weather is presenting us with plenty of opportunities to do just that! Yes, it’s…

Finding Time: Is This Discipline or Rigidity? Some Tips on How to Tell

Finding time to get everything done requires that you do some planning.  If you don’t, you’ll be at sea in the midst of a floating array of seemingly random (and demanding) tasks, priorities, and dreams. And planning requires both focus and flexibility.  I emphasize flexibility because so often, when we develop plans, our attitude is…